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Cybersecurity starts with protecting your passwords,

credentials and secrets.

Keeper for Windows v16.8.7

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Protecting millions of people and thousands of companies globally as the trusted and proven cybersecurity leader.

Protects every organization, large and small.

An easy-to-use platform that unifies critical components of Identity and Access Management and enables zero-trust transformation.

Enterprise Password Management

Protect, manage and share your organization’s passwords, metadata and files.

Secrets Management

Protect critical infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines while eliminating sprawl.

Connection Management

Instantly access your infrastructure without a VPN and with zero-trust security.

Craig Lurey
CTO & Co-Founder

One powerful platform that protects every user on every device. Deploys in just minutes.

Visibility, security and control

Keeper’s platform gives administrators the power to fine tune their organization’s access levels to critical data and credentials across individuals and teams. Keeper uses role-based access control (RBAC) to support least-privileged access and tracks all user activity from every location and on every device.

Password management and sharing

 Keeper generates high-strength, random passwords and enables secure sharing among users and teams. Create shared team folders and restrict whether users can add, remove, modify or share records.

Secrets Management

Keeper Secrets Manager (KSM) utilizes zero-trust and zero-knowledge security to protect your organization’s infrastructure. KSM eliminates secrets sprawl by removing hard-coded credentials from source code, config files and CI/CD systems. KSM also automates the rotation of access keys, passwords and certificates.

Remote Infrastructure Access

Keeper Connection Manager (KCM) is a modern, remote access solution for managing multi-cloud infrastructure and distributed remote work environments in a zero-trust and zero-knowledge environment. KCM provides employees with fast and secure zero-trust network access to sensitive internal resources from any location and on any device, without a VPN.

Industry compliance and reporting

Keeper provides full visibility and control over employee password strength, credential sharing, permissions, zero-trust network access and dark web exposure. Granular notifications and reporting capabilities support internal controls and industry requirements. Keeper’s cybersecurity platform enables delegated administration, enforcement policies, event tracking, customizable audit logs, reporting and integration with existing IAM and SIEM solutions.

Industry leader educating the public on cybersecurity.

Named winner of several coveted Global InfoSec Awards

One-time password sharing with zero-knowledge encryption

Access your infrastructure with zero-trust security

Keeper Named As Leader in the Password Management by GigaOm

Trusted by organizations everywhere.

Named winner of several coveted Global InfoSec Awards

Access your infrastructure with zero-trust security

Keeper Named As Leader in the Password Management by GigaOm

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